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Common Floor Problems Explained...

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Some typical stains are rust, asphalt tracking, and ink and adhesive telegraphing. These issues can be installation issues, consumer caused issues, or even manufacturing. A field inspection by a certified inspector can usually confirm the cause.


Telegraphing is when a floor shown patterns or imperfections migrating to the surface of the linoeum from the installation surface. The most common cause of telegraphing is due to an installation error.


Air pockets between the linoleum and ¼” plywood or ¼” plywood and subfloor are bubbles. Bubbles are most commonly caused by an installation error.


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Rips and Tears

Manufacturing, installation, or consumers can be the cause of damage such as ripping or tearing of the product. This issue is simply deciding who causde the damage. This is not usually an issue that an inspection is needed.

Off register

If pattern does not match it is considered off register. In a tile pattern, if the impressions in the surface of the flooring that create the look of the mortar lines are not directly over the colored tile joints is considered off register. This condition can also exist simply on coloration. Off register is always a manufacturing issue.